“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

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DIY Faux Floral Letters

If you’ve been following along on my social media, you know that I recently became a florist! I’ve been interested in floral design for a few years and just experimented with grocery store flowers as a hobby. However, last year I decided I need hands-on professional training, so I completed 10 weeks of Floral Design…

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DIY Faux Clay Vase

I came across this DIY technique on Pinterest and finally made time to try it out for myself. I love the look of clay vases but they can cost more than what I’d like to pay for one and I often can’t find the color or silhouette that I’m looking for. So, I figured I’d…

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Owner’s Suite Bathroom Reveal

Spring seems to be the season for home improvement projects. We’ve only been in our home for two and a half years but we’ve done most of our home improvement projects in the spring. Last year we focused mostly on the outside with a new pergola for the patio and some landscaping and also made…

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How I Use Multiple Planners & Calendars

As a working mom & wife, my schedule can get a bit hectic at times. Keeping up with every aspect of life can be overwhelming and cause a lot of stress. Using calendars and planners alleviate some of that stress by helping me plan and prioritize important tasks and events. As life has become busier…

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